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Food and wine in the High Country have their own unique flavours - perhaps because the people who grow, bake, pick and crush High Country produce all have a real passion for what they do.

Look out for delicious specialties such as Verde olives, chevre cheese and estate bottled olive oils. Smoked trout and locally reared, aged beef are also highlights, as well as the wide range of delicious produce. There are also plenty of eateries - from cafes to fine dining restaurants - where you can indulge your own passion for High Country tastes.

The southern part of our region is abound with fresh pick-your-own berry farms that also sell berry ice cream, jams, sauces and wine. We have an abundance of honey often beautifully presented in handmade pots and jars.

And of course, nothing complements the local gourmet fare quite like locally produced wines. The High Country encompasses what is known as the High Country wine region. Vines hug the hinterland and grape varietals include classic Shiraz and Reisling as well as Viognier. The winemakers themselves are definitely worth a visit. And if wine isn't your thing, you can visit micro-brewery for delicious boutique beers, made with crystal clear mountain waters.

Take a gourmet picnic loaded with regional produce plus a bottle of local wine or beer, and head up into the mountains, a day out on the lake or relax by the Goulburn River to enjoy it with the views.

The entire Lake Eildon area is sure to tantalize your taste buds and entertain you in a fresh scenic environment.

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