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Looking at your stats mazman increases/decreases the lake has taken a tumble .05% and looks like there is more to come.Statistics: Posted by peter.p — Today, 10:29
Morning all readings taken at 9am saturday the 20th of september 2014Lake eildon is at 285.74m or 3.16m below fullLake eildon is currently 87.7%This is no change over the past 24 hours Lake eildon inflow is currently 2500meg per day Lake eildon outflow is currently 3500meg per day Goulburn river release water temp is currently 11.1degRainfall for the past 24 hours was 0.0mm Eildon pondage is currently 40.0%Regards Dave Statistics: Posted by mungral1 — Today, 10:25
RADAR IMAGEStatistics: Posted by mazman1 — Today, 10:24

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NEW Zealand Prime Minister John Key has won a third term in office, with the National Party gaining enough seats to govern alone.
THE president of Kiribati has visited the Arctic to see first-hand the scale of the problem of rising sea levels.
THE Edge has finally negotiated a deal with the California Coastal Commission, allowing a development project in Malibu.
A MAN who jumped a fence and made it all the way inside the White House has been arrested but not before the building was evacuated.
TREASURER Joe Hockey hopes his G20 counterparts are ready to make the world a better place through this weekend's discussion.
A US federal grand jury has issued a new indictment against former BP executive David Rainey.