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Wurdiboluc Reservoir is producing nice size trout on Pegron Tiger minnow luresStatistics: Posted by Happy Trout — Yesterday, 18:55
Reports from Lake Dartmouth of trout being caught on scrubwormsStatistics: Posted by Happy Trout — Yesterday, 18:49
Reports of trout being caught near the dam wall on pink tassie style luresStatistics: Posted by Happy Trout — Yesterday, 18:46

Breaking News in Australia

GEORGE and Angela Dyczynski have arrived back in Amsterdam following a five-day trip to the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine.
FORMER F1 boss Max Mosley is set to sue internet giant Google for continuing to publish images of him at a sex party.
OSCE chief monitor Ertugrul Apakan says there's been some progress regarding a plan to get Australian and Dutch police to the MH17 crash site.
AT least three whales have been caught in shark nets off the Gold Coast this month, including a humpback freed off Kirra Beach on Tuesday.
FREEDOM of information documents show a $330,000 room purpose-built for border security media briefings in Canberra features an $800 doorknob.
ALMOST 700 people in West Africa have died from the Ebola virus, and Australian travellers are being warned to avoid affected areas.