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luckydice wrote:Looking at gmw website, the lake will be in the 70's in no time.Your right , the lake is a tad over 80% at the moment and the real hot days have not even begun yet.Statistics: Posted by enko — Today, 09:55
It sounded like more on the tin shed overnight, but 4.5mm is better than nothingStatistics: Posted by torq3228 — Today, 05:33
If anyone is looking to get their Vic boat licence, we have organised a course at the Goughs Bay Boat Club on Saturday 13 December at 1pm.Book in early to avoid disappointment, only limited seats available.Statistics: Posted by Border Boat Licence — Yesterday, 19:18

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LABOR has promised to double the amount the coalition has committed to building a stand alone heart hospital if it wins the Victorian election.
THE spectacled hare-wallaby, feared extinct in the Kimberley, has been rediscovered near Broome.
JACQUI Lambie will meet with a Tasmanian family friend on Monday before making a decision about whether to split from the Palmer United Party.
THE headmaster of King's College School in Wimbledon says skyrocketing school fees have made private schools inaccesible to British families.
RETAIL investors have been allocated the majority of shares in Medibank Private, which lists on the ASX on Tuesday.
TRADE Minister Andrew Robb is confident Tony Abbott will sign Australia up to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank if governance provisions are met.