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That'd be Len Timmins, owner of the Eildon Bakery Café, and if memory serves me right Woolshed Inlet is just a bit north of the Pines (as mentioned in the earlier event).Happy Days for you!Statistics: Posted by allan — Yesterday, 20:45
Thank you all. Today we hired a fishing boat to scour the area but to no avail. On returning to the boat ramp, and having trouble getting the boat onto the boat trailer, Len from the Eildon Bakery helped us. I remarked that we hadn't been out having a casual fishing day but rather looking for a lost boat. Would you believe he had seen it!!!!!!!!!! It was caught in vegetation in Woolshed Inlet, a long way from where it had been moored. Elation. A neighbour helped us get it back and it...
Hi bjt & H,No matter what the weather over the next few days, I hope you catch a bucket load of the good stuff!Good fishing!oozz77Statistics: Posted by oozz77 — Yesterday, 17:25

Breaking News in Australia

THE Ukrainian army has seized control of part of the vast crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight 17.
FIVE people have been killed in violence in Thailand's deep south.
LAWYERS for 157 asylum seekers detained in Australia say it's inappropriate for Indian officials to see them before their claims have been assessed.
THE UK government has reopened the way for energy firms to conduct drilling for shale gas.
THAI railway authorities are preparing to reopen a route where a luxury train derailed on Sunday.
THE search for a 41-year-old man who fell overboard from a Liberian oil tanker off Western Australia's northern coast has been called off.