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Lake Eildon and district is one of Australia's most popular freshwater fishing destinations. It's proximity to Melbourne also make it a preferred location for Angling Club Competitions.

Brown trout, rainbow trout, redfin, perch, Murray cod, roach, tench, and carp are some of the species that can be caught around Lake Eildon and local rivers.

Whether you are a fly fisherman, or prefer bait or lure fishing, the major rivers and tributaries provide much enjoyment for the serious sportsperson or annual holiday angler. Others may prefer fishing on Lake Eildon itself either using a hire boat, or of course, their own boat.

The pondage at the Eildon township has the prime function of regulating the water releases between Lake Eildon and the Goulburn River, but over the years has become a favourite fishing spot for many, including families. The pondage is located in the township, and surrounded by parkland and grassed areas. A pier has been built by the Lions Club, and provides safe and easy fishing access for people in wheelchairs or those who may have difficulties accessing traditional riverbanks. The pier is believed to be the only one in Australia built for this purpose.  

The Snobs Creek Hatchery regularly stocks the pondage with trout.  Thousands of these fish are released each year, and caught.  It is not unusal to have a youngster to catch his first trout here, and to be the envy of all onlookers when it weighs in at 3 to 5 kgs. 

f fishing in the traditional style is not for you, and you want to take trout home to show your friends, you will find several "Catch your Own" trout fishing venues in the area. Fishing in these locations is also particularly popular with families and youngsters. Life can be too easy sometimes, particularly when all equipment is provided. Paying for what you catch, at some centres, the fish will also be cleaned and packed for travel.

Don't have your rod with you? You can hire rods and equipment at some of the bait and tackle outlets. A temporary or an annual Victorian Fishing License can be also purchased at these outlets.

Local guides are available to teach Fly fishing, Course fishing or conventional bait and lure fishing, and of course boats are available for hire on Lake Eildon itself. Many fish are caught from the banks of the Lake, the rivers, and pondage.

Fishing is alive and well all year round in Eildon. The season is closed for rivers and streams during winter, however fishing in Lake Eildon itself, and the Eildon Pondage Dam is permitted all year round. The closed season now sees another reason to make Eildon a holiday destination.


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Hi Mazman1, While Hugh & I were fishing the Pond earlier this week (3 days), I did notice the two white vehicles at the lower wall Power Station each day.. Obviously they were carrying out maintenance & this is probably why The Pondage water levels have been held to the 30% level.. I didn't bother to have a "look see" as all that you hear is a lot banging & clunking & can't see any workers !!?? ...
GENERAL WEATHER NEWSStatistics: Posted by mazman1 — Today, 13:28
PONDAGE AND RIVER INFORMATIONFriday 1st August 2014Pondage level 29.0%.Releases down the Goulburn river 150ml per dayWater Temperature10.8degrees celsius.Dissolved Oxygen 9.4ppm.Rainfall 9.8mmStatistics: Posted by mazman1 — Today, 13:23

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