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bjt wrote:Hi Cueball et al, (& others) After some great weather on Monday at the Pond at first, it was a relief to return home today (Monty) to some pleasant warm sunny 18C degree temps !! Although not totally unpleasant at The Pond the wind came from 50 different directions during the day & was Cool & it was a bit of moist. .Arrived Monday to be greeted by Luke & son Mark @ Brk...
RADAR IMAGEStatistics: Posted by mazman1 — Today, 19:25
GENERAL WEATHEREl Nino prediction revised down to 50 per cent chance by Bureau of MeteorologyLucy Barbour, Wednesday July 30, 2014 - 14:30 ESTDrought continues to grip parts of Queensland and New South Wales, but the Bureau of Meteorology has revised its prediction of an El Nino developing in Spring down from 70 to 50 per cent. - ABCThe Bureau of Meteorology has revised down its prediction of an El Nino weather event developing later this year.Warming in the tropical Pacific Ocean defines El Nino activity, but the latest climate modelling shows temperatures there have cooled.Last month, the Bureau predicted at...

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BRITISH Attorney General Jeremy Wright says he received 150 complaints asking to review the sentence given to Rolf Harris for being too lenient.
A 45-YEAR-OLD man has died after his car crashed into a tree at Gundiah, north of Brisbane.
CARLTON AFL player Simon White has been charged with assault over an incident with a fan in Melbourne's CBD.
A MECHANICAL digger with its bucket filled with water has tipped over and killed a person in Germany during a so-called Cold Water Challenge.
PREMIER Mike Baird has told the Australian British Chamber of Commerce that NSW is back as a economic growth pace-setter.
GREENS senator Sarah Hanson-Young says a decision not to let her visit asylum seekers in detention is a political stunt.