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Lake Eildon is undoubtedly the houseboating capital of Australia. This man made lake, with its 530km shoreline is almost twice that of Port Philip Bay. Pristine waters feed from the surrounding National Parks, making Lake Eildon a mecca for water sports and outdoor activities all year round.

Eildon, the town of today, was created for the construction of the “Big Eildon Project”. Prior to this, it was called Eildon Weir with the construction of the Sugarloaf Dam in the 1920’s and was principally located beneath the waters of today’s Upper Pondage. Before 1914, the area was known as Upper Thornton.

Boating commenced in the late 1920’s as the then Sugarloaf Dam commenced to fill. It progressed steadily, but really flourished after the completion of the ”Big Eildon Project” in early 1950’s. Most vessels of that day were cabin style cruisers. The construction of houseboats commenced not long afterwards, an early example of this is the houseboat “Mimi Jane”, the corner stone of the Eildon Visitor Information Centre in Main Street. In original condition, it certainly worth a visit. Today, design and detail are only limited by one’s imagination!

Now, there are over 700 houseboats on Lake Eildon, moored in 4 principal locations, all accessible by road. 

For privacy and security reasons, there is restricted public access to all of these locations. Ring before attempting to enter.  For PUBLIC Boat Ramps, please check the BOATING PAGE.

  • Darlingford Waters Boat Club
    In the Jerusalem Creek Arm some 11km east of the Eildon township. 
    Phone: 03 5774 2414
  • Eildon Boat Club 
    In Anderson Harbour - 4km west of the Eildon township
    Phone: 03 5774 2040
  • Jerusalem Creek Marina & Campground 
    In the Jerusalem Creek Arm - 8km east of the Eildon township 
    Phone: 03 5774 2585


  • Lake Eildon Marina & Houseboat Hire 
    Formerly Eildon Boat Harbour - 3km west of the Eildon township 
    Phone: 03 5774 2107

Eildon caters particularly very well for this huge houseboat industry. Manufacturers, repairers, hirers, brokers, marina operators, clubs, transport – need something to do with a houseboat, it can be done in Eildon!

For the family, Lake Eildon offers everything on the water. From the smaller modest houseboats, right through to total luxury.

There have been two books written about Eildon – “Lake Eildon A Record Low” which centres on Lake Eildon & its history, and “The Whole Dam Story” which centres more on the history and construction of the Sugarloaf & Eildon Dams, and the region. Both can be purchased in Eildon at the Visitor Information Centre, Newsagency and the Bait & Tackle store, and other locations throughout the district.

Lake Eildon is a most resilient waterway. Throughout droughts, record high rainfall, it has proven itself to be a mecca for boating and fishing in Victoria, come on up – you will be amazed at what we have to offer!

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