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Todays inflows should be nice and high, with over 21mm of rain over the past few daysStatistics: Posted by UFO — Today, 10:21
Any action at the pond this morning, I'm seeing lots of fisho's but no fishStatistics: Posted by torq3228 — Today, 09:52
Readings taken at 9am Friday 1st August 2014Lake Eildon is at 284.14 mAHD or 4,760 mm below fullThis is a rise of 120 mm in the past 24 hours Lake Eildon is currently 81.9% Inflow is approximately 13,000 Ml/day Releases are currently 150 Ml/day Goulburn river release water temp is 10.8 degThe pondage is currently 29% but may be subject to rapid change9.8 mm rain for the past 24 hoursStatistics: Posted by allan — Yesterday, 22:53