Canoeing, kayaking and rafting – High Country

For a spot of High Country adventure, take to the water in a canoe, kayak or raft.
The beautiful Howqua and Delatite rivers outside Mansfield are also popular with canoeists, kayakers and white water rafters in summer. Both rivers are rated from easy to challenging according to water levels. High water means high rapids and these should only be tackled by experienced paddlers.
The Goulburn River from the Eildon Pondage to the Blue Gums Caravan Park rapids is arguably the most popular river section in Victoria, with lines forming at some of the rapids to surf the better waves. Being a official training site of Slalom squads and one of the few places to paddle in summer it does at time become crowded.
The Goulburn is a fantastic venue that suits almost all paddlers interested in a fun day on the river. To paddle from the pondage wall is great for beginners on their first river trip with ‘S-Bend’ and ‘Blue Gums Rapid’ providing excellent eddies for practice. With the Blue Gums Caravan park situated right on the river there is the opportunity to park and play for all those wanting to improve their skills. Surfing, basic rodeo, advanced boat manoeuvring and slalom gates are all available for paddlers in the last 800m of this section.
A great place to spend the weekend honing the skills over the long hot summer if you don’t mind sharing the place it is a nice spot to visit.

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