News Sport and Weather on the Hour (Victorian News 7.30 & 8.30am)

7.00 am      Walk The Line  – with Michael Ray & John Coffey   Radio Mansfield   (Music Local News & Views)

9.00 am      The Radio Stars – with Naomi Booker and the Dame Pattie Menzies Centre Team (Adults with a Disability)                                                                                           (Requests, Shout-outs, Chat, New and Old Pop & Country Music)

12.00 noon Lunch with Mishel Stastra                                                  (Interviews, Current Affairs & Music to suit)

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1.00 pm      Monday Madness with Peter from Kinglake Studio      (60 – 90’s Pop Chat)

5.00 pm      The Yealiens with Teresa & Rod from UGFM’s Yea Studio    (Drive Time Music & Chat)

6.00 pm      The Jam Sessions – Live from The Alexandra Secondary College (During Term every 3rd Week)

7.00 pm     The Nick and O’Bie Show – with Gerald O’Brien & Nick Klein    (Cooking, Recipe of the week, Great line-up of music)

9.00 pm     The Blues Bus – with Keith Rogers                                          (The Best in Blues) – Radio Mansfield

10.00 pm    Starting the Week with Michael Mawson                            (Chat, New and Alternative Music)

                 or Off The Record – with Brian Wise                                           CRN

11.00 pm    Stormy Monday – with Austin Harrison                                   CRN

12.00 pm    BBC World News                                                                  BBC

00.06 am    Community Radio Network                                                 (CRN) Overnight



 News Sport and Weather on the Hour  (Victorian News 7.30 & 8.30am)

 6.30 am      Country Brekky – with Peter Rice                                        (News, Politics, Music, Iinterviews)

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 9.00 am      The Rock Shop – with Big Jim Eagles                         (Mix of Rock and Upbeat Music)

 12.00 noon Echoes of the Valley with Gypsy Rose            (Blend of Country & Pop) from UGFM’s Marysville Studio       


 2.00 pm     Pilots of the Airwaves – Naomi Booker and the Dame Pattie Menzies Centre Team (Adults with a Disability)

                                                                                            (Selection of the best in Dame Patties Co-Pilots Music) 

 4.00 pm     Celtic Journey – with Brendan Dalton                     (Traditional Celtic, folk rock,

                                                     ballads and rebel music from Ireland and other celtic countries)         Radio Mansfield

 6.00 pm     Crank It – with Ritchie Frew                                             (Alternate Rock Heavy)

 8.00 pm     After Work – with Bryan Slader                                              (60’s – 90’s Pop Music)

10.00 pm   Community Radio Network                                                 (CRN) Overnight



 News Sport and Weather on the Hour  (Victorian News 7.30 & 8.30am)

 6.30 am            Jump Start – with Dallas Daniel                                       (Local News & Music) – Radio Mansfield 

 9.00 am            Lets Go Country – with Brian Sillett                            (Latest in Bootscootin’ Country) UGFM’s Marysville Studio

 12.00 noon       Ray’s Music Mix – with Ray Mathieson                        (Classic Hits 50’s – Today)

  3.00 pm          The Country Beat with Sylvia Brooks  (Mix of County and Rock Ballads)

  5.00 pm*        The Bright Side – with Penny Paxman        (A light hearted look at Local News, Info with Interviews)                                          

  7.00 pm            The Message – with Big Jim Eagles / Margret McLaughlan  (local Christian news & views)

  8.00 pm            Jmil Infusion with Jelena alternates with Cecilia (New and Current Popular Music)

  10.00 pm          Community Radio Network                                          (CRN) Overnight



 News Sport and Weather on the Hour  (Victorian News 7.30 & 8.30am)

 6.30 am            Brekky with Weeksy – start your day with Peter Weeks    (Brekky music with Local News,                                                                 Information, Federal Politics, Guests & Interviews) email your news items to:

 9.00 am            Community Health from the Alexandra District Health with Chris & Crew (1st Thursday of the month)

                        The Library Hour with Steve Cutting Alex & Yea Studios      (2nd & 4th Thursday of month)

                        Interviews & New Music with Peter Weeks                      (3rd Thursday of month)

 10.00 am          Men ‘n’ Paws – with Julee Hosking  (Variety of Music & Touch Blues with local Police report and Interviews)   

 12.30 pm          Vision Australia – News reading from local papers the Standard, Chronicle, Mountain Monthly, Eyes on Eildon,

                                                    The Triangle for the visually impaired.

 1.00 pm            LBS Country Hour – with Marg Seeber       Radio Mansfield    (Country Music)

 2.00 pm            Anything Goes – with Paul Duncan  Radio Mansfield (Music Comedy Birthday Book Buy Swap or Sell)

 4.00 pm            The Limbo Rock Show – with Ian Hewitt                         (Classic Mix Country and Contemporary Music)

 6.00 pm            Australian Made – with Pam Young                                   from UGFM’s Kinglake Studio

                                             (Australian Music)  on Facebook:

 8.00pm             Something Borrowed New and Blue with Larry Kelly (New Music from AMRAP and Larry’s Favorites)

 10.00 pm          Community Radio Network                                          (CRN) overnight



News Sport and Weather on the Hour  (Victorian News 7.30 & 8.30am)

 6.30 am            The Rock Shop Brekky Show – with Big Jim Eagles         (Rock Start Your Day!) 

 9.00 am           “SEEDS” – with Sarah Southam           on facebook: ‘SEEDS community’                                                                                      (Earth Garden / Frugal Community Living / Spiritual & Mental Health)

11.00 am         Friday Requests – with Peter Sharmon  from our Yea studio          (Chat, The Ian Hasom Gig Guide and Pop Music)

 2.00 pm            The Yealiens – with Teresa      from UGFM’s Yea Studio     (Ultimate Easy Pop & Rock music)

 4.00 pm           Mix Tape Radio – with Zac Horton and Will Nash                         (60, 70 & 80’s Rock and Pop)

 6.00 pm           Jmil Infusion with Jelena (New and Current Popular Music)

 7.00 pm           UGFM Sport – with Peter Weeks from Alex Studio & Rod Clue from Yea Studio

                                         Send your sporting clubs news of events  and activities to email:   

 9.00 pm           The Batman & Robin Show – with Peter Weeks                (Best in Rock & Blues and More from 60’s – Today

                                                                                                                 with new Artists & Album Reviews) 

 12.00 am          BBC World News                                                            (BBC)

 12.06 am          Amrap AirIt Charts – with Janet                                        (CRN)

 1.00 am            Community Radio Network                                           (CRN)   overnight




 News Sport and Weather on the Hour 

 6.30 am            Good Morning Murrindindi – with Mike Dalmau         (Local News roundup from across the Murrindindi Shire)

 10.00 am          Best of the Best – with – Frank & Thea Arendse          (50’s 60’s & Country Very popular music from Studio 5)

 1.00 pm          Sounds of the Upper Goulburn – with Ray Mathieson Alex Studio or Pam Young Kinglake Studio                                                                                                    (60 – 80’s Music, Poetry, Country)  

 3.00 pm            Country Collection – with Peter Rice & Ian Hewitt              (Country Music New & Used)

 5.00 pm            High Country – with Chris Deutscher                                  (Latest & Best of Contemporary Country Music)

 8.00 pm            Saturday Night Live – with David Lydford                          (80 – 90’s & BBC UK Top of the Pops)

10.00 pm          New Releases Show                                                        (CRN)

11.00 pm          Home Brew                                                                   (CRN)      

12.00 pm          BBC World News                                                            (BBC)

 12.06 am          The National Rock and Blues Show – with Ray Jennings     (CRN)

  3.00 am           Community Radio Network                                           (CRN) overnight



 News Sport and Weather on the Hour

  7.00 am           Country Folk Around Australia – with Declan                   (CRN)

 10.00 am          Fairly Folk – with Jelena, Larry Kelly, Peter Weeks, Margaret McLauchlan                                                                                                          (Best in Australian & International Folk Music)                                        

 1.00 pm            The Polly Waffle Show – Rita Guenzel                              (Great Variety of Music & Talk)

 4.00 pm            Campfire Country – with Brian Sillett        (The Best in Country Music) from UGFM’s Marysville Studio

 7.00 pm            All That Jazz – with Peter Guest  (Traditional, Classic, and Modern Jazz) from UGFM’s Marysville Studio

10.00 pm            The Conversation – Guests, Talkback and Conversation Across the Nation with a Religious flavor

12.00 pm           BBC World News

12.06 am           Community Radio Network                                             (CRN) overnight