11 Eildon Road, Eildon
Detailed Information

It is with attention to detail and years of experience that our craftsmen at Status Luxury Houseboats consistently design and manufacture stylish houseboats which exceed our client’s expectations.

Our company director’s Darren Withoos and John Gysberts personally oversee every project to ensure that each and every houseboat is built to the highest of standards with the highest quality materials.

Status Luxury Houseboats are individually handcrafted vessels which are built to our client’s personal specifications resulting in a beautifully manufactured and customised houseboat.

Our vessels are the epitome of luxury, style and sophistication.

Did you know that Status Luxury Houseboats are the LONGEST serving houseboat builders at Lake Eildon?

As well as new boat builds, we also offer renovations, extensions and maintenance.

We’re pretty proud to see that ‘Meridian’ is still looking top notch after our extensive renovation works completed way back in 2009.

If your boat needs a little TLC (or a lot!), contact us now and make the most of our new facilities at the Eildon Boat Club Slip Sheds.

Status Luxury Houseboats- It’s not just our business, It’s our passion