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Fishing Report

With the Eildon pondage being restocked last week with 310 brown trout ex brood stock averaging 4kg it certainly received a lot of attention over the weekend. Many anglers reported doing well with the pink or orange Tassie and the Kroc lures in gold, crab, hot pink and brown trout patterns. The local dough was […]

Fishing Report

Lake Eildon has dropped below the 50% mark and with the last couple of months being very hot the surface temperature of the lake has been fluctuating between 24 and 28 degrees, so surface fishing for Murray cod has been worth a shot from dusk till dawn. Brown and Rainbow trout up to 6lb have […]

Fishing Report

Eildon pondage was dropped to less than 30% for a short period last week causing quite a bit of concern, however it seems that a few tests were required and the needle valve was opened sending a sudden rush of water down the spillway near the cemetery creating a muddy vortex. A day later and […]

Fishing Report

The warm water temperatures have certainly kept the natives fired up in the lake with good size and numbers of both Murray cod and yellow belly being reported. Red fin and trout are also being picked up but you do need to be down quite a bit deeper. Trout rainbows and brown trout up to […]

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