Eildon Fishing report

Eildon Pondage continues to be up and down a bit with the Environmental Flows into the Goulburn River, however the flows have started to be backed off and over the next couple of weeks we should see some normality return to the water levels in the Pondage.

This week Fisheries released 1200 rainbow trout into the Pondage all around the 300gm mark and as you would expect power bait, the local dough and Pink Tassie are the way to go.

With the amount of water going through the Pondage the areas to target if your using bait have been Bourke St, Cemetery Point and the upper of the lower Pondage away from the river current. But it’s still worth giving lures a run in the faster flowing water.

Lake Eildon is around the 63% mark at the moment and fishing well, good size and number of red fin are being taken on scrubbies near Goughs Bay in 10 meters of water and another angler has done well on soft plastics.

Brown Trout between 1 and 2 ½ lb are still being taken flat line trolling Tassie Devil and Sting lures, with Pinks being number one, but mixing it up a little with frog, red and orange had also worked.

Big River, Goughs Bay, Jerusalem Creek, the main arm and Taylor Bay have all proven successful for anglers this week.

Purple spinner baits had also landed a 60cm Murray cod near the Dam wall last Sunday, and its worth having a look at the opposite side of the main arm around the rocky drop offs at the moment as well.

Catch you next week


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James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

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