Eildon Fishing Report

What a great way to celebrate the reopening of the Rivers to anglers with the Goulburn Fish Festival.

There was something for all ages, but the big winners were the kids on the day.

Victorian Fishing Authority gave away 200 fishing rods to the first 200 young anglers through the door as well as show bags to over 600 participants also.

Rex Hunt was on fire with his wit and wisdom;

There were many prizes generously donated by local business that were greatly appreciated by all. The cooking demonstrations, displays, and activities and the Eildon Community Centre were all a buzz.
Then of course there was the Fishing Clinic down on the Eildon Pondage Lake where many children and adults had fun releasing trout and then learning techniques that are successful in catching them.

The tours of the Snobs Creek Hatchery where most of the trout in the Pondage began were booked solid.
Brad Coller and Shantelle Matchem were singing up a storm in the Lions Rotunda on the Pondage until another awesome Fireworks display concluded the day’s festivities.

A very big thank you and well done to the Victorian Fisheries Authority and all those that gave their time and effort in helping to make another very successful Goulburn Fishing Festival.

(Editor’s note: A Big Thank You to Gazza for all his hard work & passion that went into the Goulburn Fishing Festival over many months).

Now to the rivers, thank fully the Goulburn River was wound back to 400mg and was going off according to many anglers.

They were kept busy with many and varying techniques such as drifting un-weighted scrubbies, small hard bodies, soft plastics and bladed Celta type lures.

The other smaller rivers such as the Acheron, Rubicon, Stevenson and Little River were all producing good size and healthy trout.

The Jamieson River had a few nice brown trout reported. as well
A few 4-6lbers were caught with the majority being around the 1 to 2lb mark and all were in excellent condition.

Once again in the Eildon Pondage, salmon egg, rainbow, sherbet and chunky cheese in the power baits, and the local dough were the best option for baits; with one young angler taking a 5lb rainbow on power bait.

However there was a couple of nice brown trout taken on mud eyes as well.

The Gold Kroc landed a very nice 4.5lb Brown near the Eildon Caravan Park on Saturday and soft plastics were working near the football oval also.

Up in the Lake, cod are being caught up to 109cm on surface lures near Gough’s Bay, with perch pattern stump jumpers working near Coller Bay.

Flat line trolling Tassie are still good for brown trout up to 2lb in the Main Arm and Big River and a few small reddies were taken near Fraser Camping Ground casting spinners towards the bank.

Catch you next week

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James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

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