Eildon fishing report

Lake Eildon is just under the 73% mark at the moment and still having its ups and downs with the Environmental releases which are due to be backed off this week.

Brown Trout are out and about again with the crew form the Dandenong Club Sport Fishing Club having a good weekend not so long ago.

Don Johnstone reported they had 10 anglers catching 24 trout between them near Jerusalem Creek with the best going 1.2kg and 1.1kg. Most were taken trolling Tassie Devils zig zagging the Jerusalem Creek area.

Other places doing well for Trout have been the main arm near the power lines with 2 anglers managing 9 one of which was caught on lead line, the others flat line trolling yellow and green, and frog pattern Tassie Devils.

Towards Taylor Bay it’s the Pink Tassie that landed a couple of nice brown trout.

The trout being caught at the moment are a bit of a mixed bag as far as their condition goes, some have been a bit on the thin and bullet like, while others are good healthy and solid.

Yellowbelly are starting to show up this side of the Lake, however only the odd one is being caught in vibe type lures.
In the Main Arm Murray Cod 35-45cm and the odd red good size Redfin are taking zmann soft plastics. The reddies and yellas that have been caught are quite fat at the moment which might suggest they are about to spawn.
The Pondage is also up and down a bit, but power bait, mud eyes, rooster tails, and Gold Krocs have all picked up some healthy rainbows this week; the best I have had reported was a 3lber taken down Riverside Drive.

The Pondage is also due to be stocked with 2000 catchable Rainbow Trout and possibly a few ex brood stock this week.

The Goulburn is still going hard but fishing well with a report of a very nice 6lb brown trout being taken.

Below the Pondage near the boat ramp two brown trout taken up to 4lb were taken on small hard bodies, near Gilmour’s Bridge the soft plastics are still working and in general through out the smaller rivers its once again the small hard bodies, the Celta type and bladed lures are the best way to go.

Catch you next week


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James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

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