Lake Eildon is back on the rise again with the recent rains and should in fact start bringing all fish species back up closer to the surface. Earlier this week anglers were targeting the 10 meter depth mark and in front of the dam wall one Murray cod up to 55cm, one brown trout 3lb and a nice yellow belly, deep diving lures such as the stump jumpers, Arashi and weighted spinner baits in various colors is what proved successful.

Near Taylor bay once again a yellow wings Tassie devil picked up a nice 4lb brown being trolled down near the 10 meter mark. But like I said with the rapidly rising lake surface temperatures will cool a little and the fish will move into shallower water.
Eildon pondage had been fishing well early morning and late afternoon with the brown trout 3- 5lb still taking the dough and shinny lures. Small rainbows are still being caught on power bait but there was a nice 4lber taken on a pink Tassie devil as well.
The rivers above Lake Eildon were getting quite warm and slowing the angling down, but with the recent flush it will certainly stir up the trout in the upper reaches and the Murray cod and yellow belly closer to the lake.

And with all the insects and other fodder being washed in, it will be a similar deal for the most of the rivers below the lake once they settle down.

Catch you next week

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James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

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