The Goulburn River is fairly punching at 9700 mega litres at the moment due to the demand for irrigational water, and considering the long dry spell we’re encountering it’s not surprising.

However anglers targeting the back waters and newly covered ground have done well using scrubbies under float, small floating hard bodies and even the fly flickers are doing well. Other areas having good results are where the smaller streams, such as the Rubicon River, snobs creek and the Acheron River meet the Goulburn River, trout are searching for an easy feed and respite from the hard flowing Goulburn.

As you would expect the pondage is up and down twice a day and making angling a little difficult, but some of the ex-brood stock rainbow trout are still being caught on pink tassies, krocs, and dough lemon twist and sherbet power baits. As I’ve said before target riverside drive when water levels are dropping, and the opposite side when water levels start to rise again.

Lake Eildon itself is still doing well for redfin and the occasional yellow belly, working the trees near Italian bay, woolshed inlet, the mouth of the delatite and brankeet arms as well as the bridge and island near Bonnie Doon using scrubbies and yabbies in 8 to 10 meters of water has produced bags of up to 40 reddies in a session. The best Murray cod I’ve had reported this week was taken on a cheese in the Eildon marina and he went over 80 cm. With the lake dropping fairly quickly fish are moving out into deeper water, so if you’re having a troll move out and start at a depth of 30ft plus and see how you go.

Catch you next week


James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

Founder / Director of Lake Eildon Tourism, in operation since 1998 - James is a father of two, has a strong passion for the Lake Eildon area having grown up in Eildon - and today, heads a digital media agency - Turbo 360.