Eildon Fishing Report

Eildon Fishing Report

The Goulburn river this week has proven to be a little on the quiet side with only a few reports coming in. But anglers using scrubbies and celta type lure have picked up the odd brown trout around the 2lb mark, oxygen levels are a little low @ 5.9 parts per million and may be the reason for the slowing in activity.

The smaller rivers however, like snob’s creek, the Rubicon Acheron and the Steavenson Rivers are well worth looking at with the small jointed hard bodies and soft plastics. The trout aren’t thumpers but are healthy enough to give you a bit of a fight.
Up on the lake a Murray cod up to 95cm are being caught on large bibbed lures in red/yellows, green/yellows and the stump jumper size 2 in the colour 53, and the best areas I’ve had reported this week was the main arm and from Fraser camping ground to the mouth of the Delatite arm.

A few nice reddies have also been reported near Goughs and Italian bay in depths of 8 to 10 meters using soft plastics, scrubbies, and yabbies. If you’re targeting these guys don’t be surprised if you pick up a few yellow belly at the same time. Trout are still a bit quiet in the lake at the moment.

Ex-brood stock brown trout and the odd rainbow trout as well are still being caught in the lower pondage near Bourke st using the brown trout 2 Kroc lure. Local dough and occasionally the power bait along the floating jetty side of the lower pondage are also working. There will be another release for the school holidays and the Easter break of ex brood stock and ready to catch rainbow and brown trout, I will let you know of size and number when I find out

Catch you next week


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