Eildon fishing report

Monday June 5 2017

Murray cod are still firing at the moment, with another couple of 90 cm plus being taken on surface lures and one going 80cm on scrubbies near the Jerusalem creek.

11 Brown trout from 1-2.5lb were also taken in the same area flat line trolling the clown and pink Tassie devils. Yellow belly are taking motor oil soft plastics hard up next to the old trees sticking out of the water near Fraser camping ground.

Whilst the pondage is a little low at the moment it should be getting topped up soon as there is no scheduled works or plans to drain it at the moment. It has still produced a few more 6lb brown trout this week on the krocs, Fly flickers are also doing well on woolly bugger, brown nymph and smelt pattern flies with healthy 3-4lbers reported being taken. Only had a few anglers have had success using the power bait and dough, and they were near the footy oval.

With both the rainbow and brown trout showing signs of being in spawning mode, they have been very aggressive towards small bladed and hard bodied lures down the Goulburn River and the smaller tributaries that feed it. Scrub worms have also been working up in the upper reaches of big river for brown trout up to 3lb.

Don’t forget the rivers close next Monday night at midnight, but Lake Eildon and the Eildon pondage are open all year round to all species of fish and size and bag limits still apply. Just another point the definition of where the starts and ends is when waters back up and there is no detectable current.

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James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

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