The Rocky out crops of Lake Eildon are producing some cracker Murray cod and Yellow belly at the moment, but in some cases it will take persistence, varying your lures and techniques. Towards Fraser camping ground purple stump jumpers have had success for good size Murray cod, the mouth of Big River it was the purple Predateck that worked for both Murray cod and a 51cm yellow belly, in the main arm gold spinner baits are taking Murray cod and yabbies for yellow belly, Reddies in the Delatite and ford inlet are taking scrubbies and soft plastics amongst the trees and 10 meters down, over towards Bonnie Doon yellow belly in good numbers are being taken from the bank as well.

The Eildon pondage was restocked with 100 Rainbow and 100 brown trout, ex brood stock up to the 4kg mark last week, both in the upper and lower pondage, and yes the gold Kroc, pink Tassie, the local dough and the power baits are all doing the job. Scrubbies have also picked up the odd brown trout near the bridge and football oval, Bourke st and riverside drive are other areas that are producing some nice trout as well.

The Goulburn River is still doing well on the fly with the moth and streamer patterns landing some nice trout towards the breakaway bridge and near Gilmour’s bridge small hard bodies worked landing a 3kg rainbow trout. Up on Big River, Scrubbies have picked up a few nice brown trout with the best being nearly 4lb, smaller trout have also taken the floating Rapalas and vibrax lures.

Catch you next week


James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

Founder / Director of Lake Eildon Tourism, in operation since 1998 - James is a father of two, has a strong passion for the Lake Eildon area having grown up in Eildon - and today, heads a digital media agency - Turbo 360.