Eildon pondage was dropped to less than 30% for a short period last week causing quite a bit of concern, however it seems that a few tests were required and the needle valve was opened sending a sudden rush of water down the spillway near the cemetery creating a muddy vortex.

A day later and the fishing was going off with good size brown and rainbow trout up to 10lb being caught in that area, and as you would expect the krocs, and Tassie devils were working well, super dupers and power bait also picked up a couple as well. Down riverside drive and towards the pondage gates it was also the krocs and orange and chunky cheese power baits that picked up a few up to the 4lb mark. In nursery corner and along Bourke st it was local dough and mud eye under float with a 2 ft. leader that was successful.

Up on the lake Murray cod up to 80cm are taking purples or greens in deep diving lures and spinnerbaits, with the lake being as warm and dropping as it is the larger fellas seem to have gone a little quiet. A few red fin are still being picked up near Goughs bay amongst the trees but they too require a bit of work and moving from tree to tree after 20 mins appears to the way to go. Brown trout up to 4lb are still being picked up away from structure and down deep to 45ft on Tassie devils being trolled behind para vanes, Yellow belly up to 40cm are taking yabbies and scrubbies near Fraser camping ground.

Down the Goulburn River streamer, nymphs and hoppers are the fly patterns that are still working, scrubbies and maggots fished within 5ft of the river banks have had success, and soft plastics and floating Rapalas are the go in the Rubicon and Steavenson rivers as well.

Catch you next week


James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

Founder / Director of Lake Eildon Tourism, in operation since 1998 - James is a father of two, has a strong passion for the Lake Eildon area having grown up in Eildon - and today, heads a digital media agency - Turbo 360.