Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Lake Eildon has dipped below the 40% mark and as usual has the tongues wagging, but it still holds nearly 3 times the amount of water that Sydney Harbour does even at this level.

The fishing is still doing well even in the shallower areas of the lake, up in the Delatite arm, Goughs bay Italian bay woolshed and the pines arms anglers are still managing to find the odd school of reddies in around 20 ft. of water using scrubbies and soft plastics. Murray cod are still taking stumpys and spinner baits near Jerusalem creek and in the main arm near the powerlines, and if you’re chasing the yellas try the bibless crank baits in the same areas. The present water temperature and depth of the lake has created similar conditions to what we had nearly 4- 5 years ago and reported sightings of fresh water jellyfish has started to fire up again. These guys are about the size of a fifty cent piece and are not harm full to humans so just be aware that they are out and about again.

The restocking of the pondage has begun, 500 ex brood stock and 400 ready to catch rainbow and brown trout will be released into the pondage over the next week or so. But over the past week Bourke st riverside drive and the footy oval have all produced some nice brown trout up to the5lb mark taken on krocs and the local dough. Tassie devils, krocs, local dough and power bait will be the ticket over the next few weeks in the pondage.

Down the Goulburn a few small but healthy browns have been taking flies near Gilmour’s bridge, small rainbows have been caught on scrubbies, Snobs creek rainbows and browns have been taking small jointed hard bodies and soft plastics, soft plastics are also working in the upper reaches of the Rubicon river and in the big river scrubbies have started to pick up a few small rainbow as well.

Catch you next week


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