Hello everyone , as you are aware Gaz has handed over his business to me Craig Parker, I hope I can give as great a fishing report as he has done.

With the weather turning for the worse over the last weekend only a few very keen ( maybe mad) fishos headed out in the area , there are brown trout around Goughs bay being caught flat lining Tassie devils in the clown pattern , reports of 3 nice trout in and around the Big river being caught on hard bodies flat lining , but be careful of floating debris as the water runs of from the rain that we have had , Murry Cod caught off a boatel over the weekend measuring 85cm ,and a monster of a Cod at 120cm caught on a large soft plastic near the big river , in the pondage Rainbow trout have been caught on rainbow power bait in the upper area just below the cemetery and a Brown trout on a mudeye in the caravan park of around 5lb, a few nice size browns have been taken near the pondage gates on minnow imitation hard bodies at last light . With the recent rain fall and the lake rising (41.8%) the low lying areas that are becoming covered in water will be the place to target , so all the best in your fishing and I will catch you again.

Craig Parker

James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

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