Fishing Report 20th December 2019

Hot Hot Bloody Hot, but who’s complaining! Not the fish they are going mad in the lake, Cod, Yellas, Redfin and even the odd trout are still about. Redfin again are around the trees just outside Big river, ( no 13 tree ) you work out which one, sound around for the school and drop yabbies or blades and bobbers down and bang they are the size of three cans laying down.

Yellas are moving around and really starting to fire on bait, Taylor bay, the island in front of the marina, coller bay etc have plenty on offer, again sound around to find the schools or just slowly troll the drop offs and you will get them as well as the cod that are in abundance throughout the lake.

Most of you have seen the posts of the cod from last weekend through to now and that’s only the tip of the ice berg. It’s a huge credit to Fisheries for their stocking program as even the little 45cm and smaller still hit hard and are in great condition. Miller GO2 lures are just a magical lure and are my personal favourite to use either trolling or casting the success I’ve been having with these in all sizes is just unbelievable, catching Redfin, Yellas and Cod, not one or two fish in a 2hr session but 4 plus fish.

The Pondage is still abundant with the yearlings and 2yr old rainbows that they stocked as well as some 3kg plus browns and still the stonkers rainbows from just before trout opening taking powerbait, local dough, mudeyes, scrub worms, maggots, black magic spinsect, wonder krocs, Tassie devils, and pieca lures, the water is up and down so down lure fish up bait fish and berley does help.

The Goulburn is running at 3000meg but there are still some nice fish getting caught on rapala spotted dog in F7 size, pieca lures, scrub worms drifted down the slower less torrent holes, mudeyes and powerbait. The Rubicon is also fish ok for smaller browns on spinners.

I will try my best to do a report next week. I wish everyone a safe and merry xmas and remember

Fish Hard
Cheers Craig

James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

Founder / Director of Lake Eildon Tourism, in operation since 1998 - James is a father of two, has a strong passion for the Lake Eildon area having grown up in Eildon - and today, heads a digital media agency - Turbo 360.