Cod closed season is now upon us as is the cray season but as of 11.59pm Friday 4th September the rivers will be opened to trout without the crowds and festival.

The pondage is still fishing very well for large brown trout and small 500-800 gram rainbows with the odd bigger specimen being caught, local dough and berley with the odd powerbait strike the main go for the bait fishos, lures in krocs, Tassie and small divers for the lure enthusiasts and black woolly bugger for the fly fishos.

Lake Eildon has seen next to no boats at all due to weather conditions and the distance to travel to get to it. The few that have ventured out bagged out on crays before closure and some nice size trout taking pink and white Tassie devils in the main arm , Redfin and Yellow belly have been very quiet along with cod, maybe something to do with the amount of food and the rapid rise in the lake.

As we look forward to restrictions easing we will hopefully see more people about having a fish and enjoying the outdoors.
Last one Lake Eildon never closes to regulations; it is the only water way north of the great divide that you can target Murry cod all year.

Until next week
Fish hard
Cheers Craig

James Anderson
Author: James Anderson

Founder / Director of Lake Eildon Tourism, in operation since 1998 - James is a father of two, has a strong passion for the Lake Eildon area having grown up in Eildon - and today, heads a digital media agency - Turbo 360.