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Surrounding Lake Eildon there are many food and wine industries; agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and aquaculture.

Firstly, the wine region is called the Upper Goulburn Wine region and produces many fine award- winning wines over Mansfield and Murrindindi shires.

There are microbreweries and distilleries now producing vodka, liqueurs, beer, gin, cider, and whiskey.

Food strengths include cherries, trout, beef, olives, and sheep but there is so much more to our region as far as food producers go.

Capers, pork, free range eggs, organic vegetables, garlic, stone fruit, honey, olives and olive oil, truffles, grapes, berries of all sorts, trout caviar, fudge, potatoes, cheese, green tea, artesian chocolate, sourdough bread, smoked goods, preserves, chutneys, sauces, and jams.

And do not forget all our wonderful cake makers, baked goods, and bakeries. Need a coffee with that? Our region now boasts a local roaster or three.

Turf, seed production and plant nurseries are here as well.

Speciality shops, local pubs and inns and produce stores also feature local produce whether on their menus, wine lists and or via a retail section of their stores. Our local supermarkets are also keen supporters of our producers, distilleries, microbreweries, and local wines.

Just ask to be shown the local produce and or wine.

Underpinning our food and wine industry are several local private gardeners whose produce makes it way to the local food op shop tables and markets..

Grant Street Grocer

Little River Wines

Olive Oil

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