Bonnie Doon



Bonnie Doon is a small tourist town that is perfect for watersports, trail riding, and fishing

Known as the ‘Gateway to the High Country’, it has a lot to offer for Bushwalkers, 4WD owners, and motorcycle enthusiasts. If you fancy a stroll around town, Bonnie Doon also features a number of interesting places to visit, such as the famous holiday home from ‘The Castle’.

The community is spread out and feels like a cluster of small villages rather than a traditional town. There are 12 noteworthy attractions spread across town. Make sure to visit them all when you drop by Bonnie Doon!


In 1868, a township named Doon was established in the area. The small village only had a few huts at first. A post office was put up in 1871, but the township still had a small population of 26 people. It wasn’t until 1878 that the village started growing, with the construction of schools and public buildings.

The township was eventually renamed to Bonnie Doon in 1891. A railway was built that same year. The development of rail transit linked the small town to bigger cities and paved the way for the growth of infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the construction of Lake Eildon caused flooding around the town in the 1950’s. This led to the relocation of Bonnie Doon to higher ground, where it currently sits to this very day.



  • The Castle Holiday Home 
    Best known as the house featured in the Australian feature length comedy, ‘The Castle’.  Located just across the road from Lake Eildon.
  • Memorial Rock 
    Memorial dedicated to Australians who served in World War I. Constructed in 1921, it serves as a solemn reminder of the supreme sacrifice made by Australian servicemen.
  • Bonnie Doon Country Markets 
    Great place to go shopping for local handcrafted wares and produce. The Country Markets are only organised a few times a year, so make sure you drop by if you’re lucky enough to catch one!

Bonnie Doon

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