Jamieson may be smaller than nearby towns such as Eildon and Mansfield, but don’t let its size fool you

This beautiful little town is perfect for a quiet and laid-back getaway in rural Victoria. Especially beautiful in autumn with all it’s European trees.

The town is located on the Goulburn and Jamieson River, minutes from Lake Eildon. There are many great picnic and BBQ spots in and around Jamieson, to have a lunch with friends and family by the river.

Bushwalking, birdwatching, swimming and fishing are popular in the area. But adrenaline junkies will also find a lot of activities here, such as 4WDriving, dirt bike riding, mountain biking, and kayaking! The township has a General Store, Café, Pub and petrol station for your convenience.


Jamieson’s roots can be traced to the 1860’s when the first settlement of around 300 people started working in the goldfields. The town grew quickly, and already had churches, banks, hotels, and a school by 1865.

Development peaked in the 1870’s, when the town had around 3,000 residents living in it. However, a slowdown in the mining industry led to most of its residents moving on to other towns.

Jamieson has a relatively small population of 250 today, but it still remains to be a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to Lake Eildon.


  • Bimbi Car & Memorabilia Museum
    A quaint little museum that features memorabilia from the past and vintage cars. ‘Bimbi’ stands for ‘place of many birds’ in the aboriginal language, and the area certainly has a lot of them. There is an admission fee, but it will be given to a charity of your choice.
  • Jamieson Museum
    Located in the former Jamieson courthouse, this museum will take you back to the time of the Australian gold rush. A variety of artifacts and photographs will tell you the story of Jamieson’s rise as an iconic gold rush town.
  • Upper Goulburn Historic Area
    Beautiful and picturesque, yet remains to be Jamieson’s best-kept secret today. Experience nature at its finest away from the crowds. There is something to do for all seasons; from swimming in warm rivers during the summer, to skiing in the winter!



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