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Emergency Power Generators Commissioned

UGFM has just commissioned two fully automated mains power generators that provide emergency power during power failures to both UGFM’s Marysville and Yea transmitters as part of the Reliable Recovery and Emergency Broadcasting Project undertaken by UGFM. The project is designed to ensure continuous and greater reliablity of broadcasting community information during emergencies that also includes recovery information […]

SES Floodsafe

Better FloodSafe than Sorry     Guide for Floods in Rural Areas   Are you at risk from floods? Floods can and do happen in Victoria. Floods can affect you if you live, work or visit areas close to creeks, rivers, drains or low-lying land. Every flood is different but being prepared can help keep […]

New Transmitter for UGFM at Yea

  UGFM has received Federal Government funding for replacement of the old transmitter and antennas that provide coverage of the Yea and Highlands district for the station. The grant of nearly $7,000 through the Community Broadcasting Foundation from the Federal Government will provide a replacement for the old transmitter that had become unreliable. The new Antennas will also help provide […]

UGFM Marysville Studio New Home

On the 6th of November 2011 UGFM officially opened the new home of the Marysville Studio in the Resouce and Recovery building in the heart of Marysville. The studio was initially built in a portable building located at the temporary village established following theVictorian Bushfires with funds from the Lord Mayors charitable foundation and Regional […]