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The Lake Eildon area is becoming a very popular place for weddings.  A quick read through this page, and you’ll see why – with a selection of amazing local wedding venues with spectacular country views and vibes!

Captured November 2019 – Merrijig

Every couple wants a magical wedding day to celebrate the life they have built, and the future partnership they are about to embark on!   Take a look around – the Lake Eildon area is one of the most picturesque locations in Victoria and it’s just a short drive from Melbourne!   Mountains, Valleys, Waterfalls, Rivers, Lake Eildon – everywhere is breathtaking.  

With many venues and local suppliers to choose from, we make it easy for you to reach out to these local operators and plan your big day in the region.  Now… let’s get planning! 


There’s no shortage of spectacular locations to spend your wedding day!

Other Wedding Venues

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Capture the moment with high quality wedding imagery

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Wedding Videos

A preview of some weddings in the Lake Eildon area

Kirby + Will

Video:  Turbo 360 Digital
Venue:  Pinnacle Valley Resort, Merrjig

Jessica + James

Video:  Turbo 360 Digital
Venue:  Pinnacle Valley Resort, Merrjig

Pagan + Mitch

Video:  Turbo 360 Digital
Venue:  Holmesglen at Eildon

Shane + Colleen

Video:  Turbo 360 Digital
Venue:  Saladin Lodge, Narbethong

Book your Wedding Videography!

Turbo 360 will capture the memories of your wedding day with package options from $950.  This company was started by Eildon ex-local, James Anderson.  Now with a team of professional videography professionals, they love every chance to get back to the area where the company began.


Need some accommodation options for you and your wedding guests?

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Make it Official

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Need assistance?

The Lake Eildon Tourism Team are here to assist with planning your big day.   We can connect you to local businesses to make your day a special one!  Contact us via the Facebook button below and we’ll be happy to have a chat.